We love advanced components in tough materials

Partner for Advanced Components

Flexibility! This is more than just a word for us at Tooltec. As we see it, flexibility is a concept that permeates every aspect of our business. Flexibility and Quality. What do we mean by this? Well, as manufacturers of advanced components, we must constantly be able to change and adapt to our customers’ needs. It may involve working up a tiny component for the aeronautical industry, where only a small batch is required. But it might equally well entail running a huge batch of components for a completely different sector. So flexibility is the key.


Tooltec turns, machines and sparks

So what do we actually do at Tooltec? Simply put, we work with the advanced manufacture of components through milling, turning, sparking and drilling complex materials. Our machine fleet is one of a kind. Not only on account of the large number of machines we own, but also because we possess specialist equipment including the most advanced set-up on the market for 5-axle multi-operation processing! And to do what we do, we need committed and extremely skilled employees. In other words, it is no accident that our machine operators all have more than ten years of experience. We work with our customers from initial idea to finished product. In many cases, we are even involved in the production preparation phase, as our engineers are skilled in CAD/CAM. As our customer, we want you to feel confident in placing your problems in our hands. We are quick to identify solutions, reorganise and process complex materials. Our quality assurance process is painstaking, which means that nothing leaves our facility unless it is of the highest quality.

Working together to monitor developments worldwide

Tooltec works tirelessly to remain at the cutting edge with regard to both production and process development. A key part of this work involves monitoring the world around us and sharing experience. We are members of several networks, including SWEREA, ASC and IUC Väst. We also participate in a variety of collaboration projects – CAM2 and Innovair, for example.


Quality and a long-term approach translate into satisfied customers

We at Tooltec work with precision, refuse to compromise on quality, and never leave anything to chance. This has resulted in our obtaining several certifications, including AS9100, which qualifies us to deliver components to the aeronautical industry and to work with other customers who make exceptionally high demands on safety.

Our customer base today comprises players from the gas turbine sector, the aeronautical and aerospace industry, the energy recovery sector and the offshore industry. The better we get to know our customers, the easier it is for us to adapt, come up with a solution quickly and provide good service. That is why we like to adopt a long-term approach to our business, taking on assignments that lead to working relationships which last for years – and to new investments in our machine fleet.

That is our ultimate aim – to be a partner for advanced components.

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The Aeronautical industry makes high demands

“The aeronautical industry, which we work with, is a fascinating sector, rich in opportunities for development – both for Tooltec and for me personally.” So says Heléne Söder, Quality and Environment Manager at Tooltec.

In Europe, there are aeroplane engine programmes with eight-year order books. Few industries know what they will be working on so many years in advance, and this makes high demands on everyone involved. Tooltec’s task is to manufacture more and more components with short lead times and without any non-conformances, through efficient, quality-assured processes. It is a task the company can handle thanks to the backing that stems from a certified management system – in Tooltec’s case, the Aerospace standard AS/EN 9100:2016.

Tooltec’s customers represent a variety of qualified industries, and no matter what the actual assignment may be, the objective is always to ensure that new items are quality assured and enter production efficiently, thus living up to all the customer’s expectations. It is a comprehensive process that demands the drive and commitment to stay ahead of the pack. This, in turn, requires skills and knowledge about new and advanced manufacturing technology, experience in working with challenging materials, and a modern machine fleet. Being a part of this is an experience that gives everyone involved the chance to develop.