The Future at Tooltec

Tooltec is certified to deliver products to the aerospace sector. We manufacture components that are subsequently used in aircraft engines, for example, and even in satellites launched into space. This means that we often work with difficult materials and with extremely high demands on precision. In addition to meeting the stringent requirements made on product safety, we are committed to long-term working relationships with a view to building up in-depth and understanding of our customers’ operations.

In the same way as we aim to be a long-term partner for our customers, we want to be long-term employer for our staff. We want you to enjoy working for us, grow and develop with us – and, ideally, stay with us for years.

We want to hear from you

You are most welcome to apply for the positions we are looking to fill. Click the relevant link to find out more about the job, send us your CV and a letter to tell us a bit about yourself. We’ll get back to you if we think we would make a good match.

At the moment, we’re looking for a production engineer/technician in the field of shaping by cutting.

You are looking for a new career

As we are active in a rapidly developing sector, we are always keen to hear from skilled operators, engineers and technicians. Are you looking for a new job? Then send us an unsolicited application, even if we may not have any positions unfilled at the moment.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.


Student på Tooltec

Tooltec works closely with schools and colleges. Through participation in trade fairs, lectures, study visits and internships, we give students from all levels of education – from lower and higher secondary school to university and college – the opportunity to gain work experience.

Read about Emelie Johansson, who completed her second internship at Tooltec this autumn.

Tooltec karriar student

Emelie Johansson, who completed her second internship at Tooltec this autumn.


Through the TOPP Trollhättan project, year 8 and 9 students can find out more about Tooltec’s everyday activities as part of the PRAO scheme. We also offer internships to students following technical high school study programmes, through our membership of Teknikcollege Fyrbodal partnership.

Studying to be a mechanical engineer or a BSc Eng, specialising in industrial economics? More than a few of our employees started working for us while they were still studying – and remain with us to this day. If you are a student at University College West, you can join the Co-op student programme and combine your studies with working for us. This is a mutually beneficial arrangement, whereby we learn from one another. You as a “newbie” and us as “old sweats”. Keep an eye out. When a new Co-op position opens up, we’ll advertise it on

Your future may well start with us …


Career at Tooltec

The journey from India to Tooltec

In the processing industry, production technicians generally come from a background as machine operators. Sourabh Bhoje, however, started his career in India, where he became a Production engineer, before travelling to Sweden for his master’s degree at University West. It is a slightly different journey which has proved to be highly successful after a year at the company.

In the summer of 2016, Sourabh came to Sweden from India to take a master’s degree at University West in Trollhättan. He could have chosen to study in Germany instead, but decided on Sweden based on the university’s excellent reputation in the research field, and because of the language. You can easily get by with English in Sweden and Sourabh also thinks that the grammar and sentence structure of the Swedish language has resemblance to his mother tongue.

Sourabh loves living in Trollhättan and to work at Tooltec. He originally grew up in an industrial town with a similar same size as Trollhättan and enjoys the pace of life here. He can also see advantages in working for a medium scale company, where the scope of assignments is broad, and relations between colleagues are close. “You get things done more efficiently in a good working climate,” says Sourabh, who works closely with both customers and operators: From offer quotes to programming and preparation for production.

Does this sound exciting? Find out more about Tooltec.

Career at Tooltec

From machine operator to production technician

“Tooltec dared to give me the opportunity – and I seized it.” That is how Daniel Andersson describes his path from machine operator to production technician.

At our premises on Kardanvägen, we are all working towards the same goal, in an environment distinguished by a relaxed atmosphere and strong team spirit. Production has been running at a high level in recent years for the growing company that is still relatively small, but whose products have followed customers all over the world, and even out into space.

Daniel Andersson began working at Tooltec in 2003 and, in the same way as many others, started out as a machine operator in the stock production department. Tooltec, which takes the long-term view and places great emphasis on experience, subsequently offered Daniel the chance to take an in-house course to qualify for the position of production technician.

The work of a production technician spans a broad area and involves multiple roles. It makes high demands on attentiveness, versatility and rapid changes, as well as on the capacity to meet new challenges and to develop on an ongoing basis. Not only does Daniel work with programming, writing instructions and designing, but he also has daily contact with customers, handles enquiries and submits offers. Working closely with the operators, Daniel is also tasked with assessing and improving processes continuously, so that each and every component made meets the highest possible quality.

Daniel is no longer working at Tooltec.