Certification as a guarantee of our quality

Certification eliminates all traces of doubt. Certification is proof that we can – and do – live up to our customers’ high demands for quality and safety. That is why the certifications we at Tooltec have been awarded over the years mean a lot to us. For example, AS9100 certification allows us to work on commissions from the aeronautical and aerospace industries. We are one of just a few companies in Sweden – and one of only two companies of our size, working in our particular field – to have obtained this certification. As such, we are members of a small but highly qualified group.



AS9100 is a quality standard for the aeronautical and aerospace industries, which is designed to ensure that as manufacturers of “airborne” components, we maintain complete control of every aspect of the manufacturing process.Open as a pdf.

ISO 9001

This standard forms the basis of our company’s quality management system, which encompasses quality in everything from our internal work to relations with customers and the quality of the products and services we supply.

ISO 14001

The purpose of this certification is to ensure that the company’s environmental management system leads to active environmental initiatives. For example, our activities in this area include cutting energy consumption and reducing the volume of consumables we utilise. It also entails making sure that the chemicals we use in our operations are harmful to neither our employees nor the environment. Open as a pdf.


Components at Tooltec

From Trollhättan to outer space

Tooltec is one of the few manufacturers in Sweden with the certification and skills to deliver products to the aeronautical and aerospace industries. Heléne Söder, Quality Manager, relates: “We are members of a small, but highly qualified group that obtained this certification”.

Tooltec is one of the few players in Sweden that manufactures and delivers components to customers operating in the aeronautical and aerospace industries. Hardly any manufacturers have the huge capacity required, and few other operators in Sweden have been awarded the necessary AS9100 certification, which proves that the manufacturer has complete control of every aspect of the manufacturing process.

As a supplier, you are often part of a much larger context. For example, a component from Tooltec in Trollhättan may be installed in a jet engine that has to perform at an altitude of 10,000 metres, or even a small part of a satellite launched into space. Being part of something bigger demands attentiveness and dialogue with the customer; years and years of ongoing working relationships have resulted in us developing in-depth understanding of the way individual customers work. Being part of something bigger demands precision. The demands for product safety in the contexts of air and space travel are second to none. There is no margin for error and no room for mistakes. That is why Tooltec only ever delivers components of the highest quality.