Aiming to become a CNC operator, Emelie is an intern with a mission.

intern at Tooltec

“I monitor the machines, switch the tempo and replace components and tools as necessary,” explains Emelie Johansson, an intern at Tooltec.
Emelie is currently on her third and final year of study on the industrial technology high school programme at Östrabo Yrkes vocational college in Uddevalla, with the aim of becoming a CNC operator.
“We are also learning how to program and draw in CAD.”

Second internship
This autumn, Emelie will be starting her second internship at Tooltec. This time, she will be working in technology department and the large manufacturing division so that she can get to see all aspects of the manufacturing process.
“I had such a great time at Tooltec that I wanted to come back again. Internships teach us what a job actually entails, much better than simply sitting in a classroom.”

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